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Appearance are principal within this the notion of femininity, including bodily appeal (67%) and sexuality (40%)

Appearance are principal within this the notion of femininity, including bodily appeal (67%) and sexuality (40%)

A suitable People: Wise and you can Alluring

The right guy, according to Russians, should be privately strong and you will match (59% from respondents), free from crappy patterns (38%), able to make an effective way of living (33%), and brilliant (33%). Other functions believed important tend to be a stylish appearance, a feeling of humour, and being handy around the home.

Rather, different personal communities enjoys some other categories of goals. For this reason, residents regarding large towns worth apperance (24% into the larger locations against. 14-15% elsewhere) plus don’t mind crappy patterns such (30% against. 34-43%, respectively).

Compared with that it ‘glamorous’ image popular in the big locations, https://lovingwomen.org/da/blog/bedste-afrikanske-land-til-at-finde-en-kone/ the newest country demonstrably favours the traditional picture of man as direct of family, husband, and you may father. Outlying people really worth a person who’s strong and you may healthy, clear of crappy designs, taking with the family, a faithful spouse, a warm dad, and you may a sort person.

A suitable Lady: Charming and you will Devoted

“Ladies’ properties traditionally applauded into the Russian people, for example getting dedicated, loving pupils, are a housewife, and having a kind heart, are believed nearly unimportant today for the ideal woman,” according to Lezhnina. “Two-thirds away from respondents – doing 71% into the larger urban centers – do not explore these features when you look at the explaining the tip of the finest woman.”

The 3rd key quality for the ideal woman utilizes brand new respondent’s gender; female respondents worthy of their particular love for people (27%), if you find yourself men participants choose her become dedicated (31%).

Again, the latest ideals are extremely preferred within the larger locations and you can more youthful a long time; elizabeth.g. sexuality is mainly enjoyed by customers away from large towns and cities (48%), solitary people (45%), and you will young respondents (46%), centered on Lezhnina.

It is diagnostic you to typically valued feminine properties regarding the loved ones together with opportunities out-of spouse and mommy aren’t so necessary for big-city dwellers, exactly who hardly discuss commitment (18%), love for youngsters (17%), independence from bad habits (13%), being a great homemaker (12%) as the properties of one’s ideal woman, attending to as an alternative to your services which make are to one another simple and safe, such a sense out of humour (20%) and you may an enthusiastic flexible character (39%).

Therefore, Lezhnina comes to an end, the right lady together with finest wife are two some other axioms into the Russia, contrary to prior to suggestions from feminine gender positions.

Family members versus. Gender Affairs

Lezhnina are believing that Russian society now holds a couple more ideals for every single gender, along with for every instance, one of such beliefs does apply in order to friends existence.

When viewed additional a family perspective, a suitable guy need to be strong and compliment (69%), brilliant (37%), and you may free from bad activities (33%), given that top woman’s fundamental qualities are fantastic appears (87%) and you may sexuality (65%). Having said that, whenever viewed from children position, the right people, and becoming compliment (47%) and free of crappy designs (44%), need to make a lifestyle (46%), feel handy around the house (21%), and remain devoted so you can their spouse (21%), just like the essential qualities for the ideal lady are those and this support their particular part due to the fact partner and you can mommy, such their love for students (47%), becoming a housewife, (40%), and you can commitment (34%).

Desk step one: Characteristics of your own ideal man together with greatest lady in two various other tissues (% rated of the popular properties regarding a good ‘not-family-focused’ man)*

*These designs was lead playing with a-two-step group studies process of categorising similar stuff within the same party. The amount of clusters is determined within the process.Source: Lezhnina’s paper

Lezhnina highlights that the new ‘non-family’ model is far more preferred compared to most other that (55% vs. 45%), including certainly one of dudes (50% against. 52% for women). Lezhnina implies that dudes ily.