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CompTIA Sec+ Salary, Jobs and Certification 2023 Updated

Whichever type of learner you are, you will experience some degree of difficulty with CompTIA Security+. After all, an easy cert probably wouldn’t provide you with sufficient knowledge to advance your IT career.

  • Put your CompTIA Security+ certification to good use by prominently placing it with other professional credentials on your resume.
  • CompTIA Security+ certifications are widely recognized and hold a high value in the IT industry, and their earning potential is competitive with other IT security certifications.
  • This explains why cybersecurity is important in 2021, and why it will continue to grow in importance in the future.
  • The CompTIA Secuirty+ certified professionals are the experts in the field of cybersecurity.
  • When it comes to the network and computer systems administrators, the median annual wage in May 2020 was $84,810.

CompTIA Security+ certified professionals typically earn an average salary of around $90,000 annually. However, this figure can fluctuate based on various factors such as job role, experience, industry, and location. For instance, professionals working in the finance or healthcare sectors typically receive higher pay compared to those in other industries. Likewise, IT security professionals with more experience tend to earn more. CompTIA Security+ certifications are widely recognized and hold a high value in the IT industry, and their earning potential is competitive with other IT security certifications.

Average Cyber Security Salary

These difficult PBQs provide a greater level of credibility to the Security+ certification than multiple choice questions could on their own. In all cases, the CompTIA Security+ certification can serve as an entry-level credential and springboard for those seeking a career in cybersecurity. It ensures that security professionals will be better prepared to solve a wide variety of security issues when tasked with securing and defending networks in the current complicated business computing landscape.


Beginners and students of all skill levels can pursue CompTIA Security+ certification. Although two years of IT administration experience are recommended, there are no prerequisites for pursuing CompTIA Security+ certification. Note, your Splunk.com username cannot be changed and the email seems the same, choose wisely. It matters more what experience or knowledge you bring to the table and WHO YOU KNOW. If you are asking if there are jobs that require Splunk, answer is yes but might depend on the country you are in. Once you kick-start your IT career armed with the right CompTIA certification, you will realize that the possibilities for career advancement are limitless.

Importance of CompTIA Security+ Certification in the Hiring Process

The result is a range of possible salaries for any particular job title and the reality of mean salary percentiles. The job roles covered by CompTIA Security+ are categorized under network and computer systems administrators by the U.S. The number of jobs in this category is expected to grow by more than six percent by 2026. Emsi Burning Glass also predicts that the cybersecurity engineering profession will grow some 23.4 percent over the next ten years. As long as organizations need their networks and employees defended against cyber-threats, they’ll need cybersecurity engineers—and it’s clear that the rate of cyber-attacks is only increasing.

Is the CompTIA Security worth it?

When it comes to cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+ is an excellent starting point for IT professionals who want to move on to higher certifications. IT skills you will learn with CompTIA Security+ include: Identifying threats and vulnerabilities before they can infiltrate IS is essential.

Welcome to ITCareerFinder, a world-class web portal designed to help IT pros advance their careers. Security+ certification proves an IT security professional’s competency in topics such as system security, risk management, network infrastructure, access control and organizational security. We recommend you earn certifications and improve your profile centric skills to get the best in market salary of your profession. After completing your degree course, you can get a cybersecurity certificate before applying for a job.

Big Changes to the CompTIA Network+ N10-008

With a proper certification, you can be part of the following careers and more. The simple fact that you possess the knowledge needed to pass A+ certification test can itself be a big morale booster. You can be guaranteed that your new bosses are going to take notice of you. CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, is an association focused on the IT industry offering education and promoting the technology ecosystem.

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Senior IT Security Specialist – Gauteng Illovo.

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The net+ salary time to fill an open position was 43 days, putting cybersecurity engineers up there with software engineers, network engineers, and other in-demand roles. By analyzing the salary of a common cybersecurity job role, for example the role of Information Security Specialist, we can gain some understanding of the effects of location on earnings.

While the most most popular certification was the CompTIA A+, which certifies technical support and IT. The Security+ focuses on cybersecurity principals, not general IT concepts.

Which is better CCNA security or CompTIA Security+?

Security+ is an excellent choice for those just starting out in cybersecurity, as it covers a vast range of topics and requires minimal experience. On the flip side, CCNA Security is suitable for those with a solid foundation in networking and security, due to its focus on network security.