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Pusha T takes coke rap to a new level is that growth?

The joker-like face tattoos are enough to take most https://ecosoberhouse.com/ aback, but it’s the lyrics to Stitches’ music and his on-stage cocaine-fueled antics that have local parents worried. Natalie Cole’s 2000 autobiography revealed her lifelong struggle with drugs, specifically crack cocaine and heroin. Although she did enter rehab once, she was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2008 and also struggles with kidney disease.

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One gets the sense that rappers with addictions, not rapping, is the dream job. Heaps of artists have made good music on drugs, heaps have made bad music sober.

I See Clues in Death Scene Pics

I grew up in a quiet suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, raised by hardworking, immigrant parents who would likely have a heart attack if they heard any of the cocaine-laced lyrics saturating Thornton’s discography. There is an art in being able to put words together in a way that pleases the ear while telling people from completely different walks of life your own life story.

  • ‘Cocaine In My Brain’ is Dillinger’s iconic depiction of getting wired in the Big Apple .
  • Following the release of Tana Talk 4′s“Ten More Crack Commandments,”Benny The Butcher also ranked himself among the top three spitters to ever speak on the drug trade in his music, but was equally as respectful of Hov and Jeezy’s ranking.
  • The legendary Ray Charles was arrested multiple times for heroin possession but managed to avoid jail.
  • “They stole my story, yeah. It’s a fact. John Singleton and I was supposed to be working on a movie and the movie is finna come out. We finna start casting for the movie right now. It’s so much to it. It’s my story and they’re benefitting off it. I’m not benefitting.”
  • But underneath the bravado were lacerating lyrics about depression and drug addiction.

“This is cocaine speaking” declares a voice from the dark depths of this anxious cut of pulsating techno. Fortunately the voice doesn’t say any more than that, so unlike actual coke chats, you aren’t forced to endure hearing someone’s idea for an app or a Goldsmiths student’s plan for ‘fixing the Labour party’. After battling addiction for decades, in August 2017, DMX entered rehab at the suggestion of a judge and sobered up.

Young rappers are getting honest about doing battle with depression, drug addiction and suicide

And then you have guys like eyedea who were addicted to heroin. You can also check your insurance coverage online now to determine whether your health insurance provider will cover addiction treatment. Too Hard To Swallow and Riding Dirty may get the majority of the fanfare when speaking of UGK’s classic material, but when strictly judged by the merits of its content, the duo’s sophomore album, Super Tight, is their most coke-centric album to date. Obviously the Solardo boys are shoe-ins for this list; the Mancunian duo make no secret of loving a little sesh.

Pusha T Remixed Melle Mel’s ‘White Lines’ for ‘Cocaine Bear’ – Rolling Stone

Pusha T Remixed Melle Mel’s ‘White Lines’ for ‘Cocaine Bear’.

Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2023 13:48:50 GMT [source]

David Bowie was infamously doing so much cocaine during the recording of this album that he lost his mind to paranoid terror, thinking things like witches were trying to steal his semen to make a child to sacrifice to the devil. It’s the most controversial era of Bowie’s career, but musically, this track is considered among his very best. The impact of drug addiction comes through in the anxious, experimental sound and lyrics that mood swing between passionately emotional and callously cold. At one point he muses “It’s not the side-effects of the cocaine / I’m thinking that it must be love”. Dying of addiction is a particular cruelty—it kills you and then haunts the collective memory. If you die by heart attack, or cancer, or in your sleep, it’s a tragic postscript to your life story. Whitney Houston was the greatest pop vocalist of her time, a luminescent woman, joyful, a black woman built of the church.